About the Uisenis Wind Farm

Project overview

  • Located on the Isle of Lewis
  • Number of Turbines: up to 25 wind turbines
  • Wind Turbine Tip Height: up to 205 metres (m)
  • Installed Capacity: approximately 189 MW (wind MW/solar MW)
  • Expected Production: generating around 105,000 households with green energy (based on our yearly expected production in our portfolio).*
  • Lifespan of Wind Park: up to 40 years.

* Based on DECC and Digest of UK Energy Statistics (DUKES) figures, which assume average UK household electrical consumption of 3,910 KWh and UK average onshore load factor of 27%, using 25 turbines with an overall capacity of 189 MW. 


Location & timetable

The Uisenis Wind Farm is located on the Eisgein (Eishken) Estate, approximately 20km southwest of Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis.

The Uisenis Wind Farm is still in the early design stages with environmental surveys ongoing. In August 2022, Eurowind Energy submitted a Scoping Report to the Scottish Government, which summarises the environmental surveys and assessment required to be submitted as part of the application for consent. Following completion of these surveys and public consultation, the design will be refined and finalised, with an analysis of its potential effects submitted with the application in 2023.

Project history

The site has an existing consent (under Section 36 of the Electricity Act 1989) for the development of the Muaitheabhal Wind Farm comprising 45 turbines with varying tip heights up to 150 m.

Uisenis Wind Farm is located on the same site as Muaitheabhal Wind Farm within the Eishken Estate. If consented, the Uisenis proposal would be built instead of the 45 turbines associated with the Muaitheabhal consent. Turbine technology has moved on since the Muaitheabhal consent and to ensure the option of using the latest onshore wind turbines, Uisenis Wind Farm is proposing to use a smaller number of larger turbines.

Environmental surveys and public consultation are ongoing which will inform the final layout submitted at the time the application is made in 2023. The latest layout is presented below.


Providing improved community benefits 

Uisenis Power Limited is fully committed to providing improved community benefits as part of the application for the Uisenis Wind Farm to replace the Muaitheabhal Wind Farm. This will include an increased community benefit fund of £5,000 per MW per annum (previously £1,250 per MW) and an option to use the revenue share towards up to 20% community ownership, as well as commitments to procure local suppliers and support paid apprenticeship schemes and other local initiatives.

We are keen to engage with local initiatives and communities to ensure local needs are met, as well as supporting new and existing community projects. Should consent be awarded, we would seek to implement a number of measures to ensure that local people, communities, and businesses are able to benefit from the project.



Can the blades be reused?

In the FAQ section (frequently asked questions) you can have e.g. three questions and more and answers to these. The question above is an example and you can choose to change it or answer it. What is the answer in your country?

How much noise is a wind turbine allowed to make?

Answer: Regarding ordinary noise

Wind turbines comply 24/7 with the noise requirements 42 dB and 44 dB at 6 and 8 m/s respectively. The noise requirements are set at these wind speeds as this is here the wind turbines make the most noise.

In noise-sensitive areas such as residential and holiday areas wind turbines can only make a maximum noise of 37 dB or 39 dB at 6 and 8 m/s.

Regarding low-frequency noise

Wind turbines raised after 1/1 2012 must comply 24/7 with a requirement of a maximum of 20 dB low-frequency noise to neighbours - calculated inside the neighbouring house. The requirement applies regardless of whether the turbine is in an open country or near a noise-sensitive area.
Noise from new, large wind turbines has a relatively smaller proportion of low-frequency noise compared to older, large wind turbines.

Is the public invited to learn more about the Uisenis Wind Farm?

Approximately 60 members of the local community and other interested parties attended the Uisenis Wind Farm proposal public exhibition events on the 8th – 10th of November 2022. In March 2023, We also had four community drop in-events where members of the project team provided further information about the project and answered questions about the project.

It is important for us to have an ongoing dialogue and keep the local community informed about the project. As part of our commitment to ensuring everyone benefits from a cleaner, greener future, we are dedicated to engaging with local communities and finding ways to ensure positive tangible benefits beyond just energy generation. We are interested in investing in local communities and procuring local services. We would like to hear your views on how Uisenis Wind Farm and Eurowind Energy can support local communities, so please join us at one of our exhibitions.